Hola – I just came back from 4 great days in Barcelona and I wanna share som great little eating spots.

Young cats hanging out at Mountjuic, Barcelona

Young cats hanging out at Mountjuic, Barcelona

Mosquito Tapas (Born) http://www.mosquitotapas.com/ (Born) – First night, no reservation, waiting list for about an hour. Killed time drinking cold Moritiz at the neighbor bar. Mosquito is tapas, but asian style. Dumplings, snacks, rice dishes and a pretty great beer card. Don’t miss the (hot) Shichuan pepper beef.

Casa Delfin (Born) – http://tallerdetapas.com/esp/casa-delfin/ Traditional tapas, but really (really) well done. Go for the classics and don’t miss the octopus and grilled mini-squids (fresh from the Santa Catarina market) and check out the pictures on the wall, they might look like old drawings, but they all have scary and cool easter eggs.

Cera23 (Raval) http://www.cera23.com/ Cosy, unconventional, easy and super quality bistro. No fancy pancy here, just great drinks ( The house mojitos) a killer winecard and some super dishes. Don’t miss the Burrata cheese dish with freshly made basil pesto for starters. Uhm! Oh yeah – you wanna book a table from home. It’s popular!

Kiosko Burgers http://bacoa.es/en/ – Yes, thats burgers in Spain. That day after one two many glasses of local wine, there is nothning like a stop at Kiosko for lunch. Great and easy organic burger concept. It’s not the best room in town, but definately the best burger.  The Bacoa chain has several restaurants, we tried the one by the harbor, just on the outskirts of Born.

Fresh seafood in the local markets. Barcelona has several great fruit, meat, fish and vegetable markets. Grab a chair in the bar, have a beer, some cold rose and ask for anything fresh from today. You wont be sorry. Great markets are Santa Caterina, in the north of the Born District, og the bigger and more busy Mercado de la Boqueria just off the (terribly touristy) Rambla.

That’s it.

Enjoy and please share the love.