Hello, I’m Emil

I’m just a dude with a bunch of kids, a wife, a house, a multi purpose vehicle (!), a beard, some bikes, some skateboards and an unstoppable hunger for anything good, great and funny.

Food, people, places, ideas, design and just stuff that have an impact on our lifes. I’ve decided to write about it.

When I am the professional me, I promote and develop Copenhagen as a tourist destination. I do that with a great team of journalists, creatives, planners, techies, project managers and event makers. And i really love that. I even get to decide stuff sometimes and get to meet and talk to a lot of interesting and inspiring people. In our team, we do everything from digital and social media experiments, political communication and number crunching in spreadsheets – and then some.

My work might also influence themes, links and words here on the blog, but i guess thats natural.

Shoot me an email if there is anything I should know – if not, enjoy.